Lance Storm done with watching TNA Impact.

In a heartfelt blog posted today, Lance Storm declared that he would no longer be watching TNA Impact. Aside from the non-sensical programming, Storm cited the lack of safety provided to Rob Terry when taking direct chair shots to the head. Storm goes on to discuss Terry’s obvious physique enhancements, combined with the chair shots can lead to brain damage and depression. These insights based on numerous studies showing the correlation between concussions, steroid abuse and depression/suicide.

Chris Kanyon Dead at 40

The Wrestling Observer and WWE are reporting that Christopher Klucsaritis better known by his in ring name Chris Kanyon passed away this weekend of an apparent suicide. More interesting is WWE’s continued effort to distance and deny any responsibility for performers dying early. WWE’s 5-6 line news piece devotes a third of the text to making sure you know that Kanyon was only employed with the company from 2001-2004.